Sunny Skyz published a story today about A young Star Trek fan from Statesboro, Georgia, living with mitochondria disease. The young fan received the surprise of a lifetime while attending DragonCon, a popular sci-fi and fantasy convention.

The 11-year-old’s initial request was to simply attend the convention, but when Sir Patrick Stewart got word of Dawn’s trip, he decided to go and surprise her.

Stewart and Dawn embraced with a hug, but their meeting didn’t end there. The renowned actor spent one-on-one time chatting with Dawn and learning about her life.

“I was shy at first not sure what to say or talk about but he kept talking to me,” she told Mashable. “I felt like I was on the Enterprise talking to the Capt…. It makes me happy even when I am sick so I just wave and call Hello Sir Patrick.”
For Dawn, it was undoubtedly the #BestDayEver.

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